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Most of the people think that they are good at marketing. Really!!!


But very few know the deep meaning of marketing and this article’s journey, we are going to brainstorm and try to reach to the real meaning of marketing. As well as get in touch with the members of the marketing family-like Fundamentals of marketing, Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing, CATT Marketing funnel, Integrated marketing.


The fundamentals of marketing:

Many people believe that marketing is the art of creativity and the game of words. But actually, that is not true. Marketing is more than science than creativity. Sales speech and marketing is a totally different thing. Sales speech can be a component of marketing but it is not marketing. Actually, it starts before even the creation of the product. Because marketing is about understanding the market, customer, and customer’s needs. So, Questions raise what should be the definition of marketing?

According to me “ Psychologically create a good impression of the product on customer’s mind is the marketing”

If we succeed to do this, marketing is done. Others are the tools that are going to be used to make this happen. Think about any tool, any strategy, any medium you will find that everything is done to achieve that statement.


“Making a good impression of the product that remains last long on customer’s minds that SALES happens superfluous is MARKETING” SHREYAS BARAD ( that’s me ;))


Great product sales itself. Marketing is just making it superfluous. Product is rooted in reality, never let marketing become more important than the product. Marketing of the bad product is just the acceleration of shut down of the company. So, now we clear about that sales is the component of marketing.


The role of marketing is building a strong and durable brand that will remain last long in the industry and can beat the competition. “Xerox” and “Google” are some examples of it. They market their brand so effectively that the company’s name becomes the word. And for that marketing is the only option. So, which is better marketing? traditional or digital?


Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing:

It is a hot topic that which is the better marketing strategy digital or traditional? That is not the complete truth. Marketing and marketing principles remain the same it never obsolete. Principles never change. Those are just mediums of marketing In other words platforms of marketing. And every medium has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • If a product is generic with a very wide targeting Tv ads is a good tool:

India has TVs in 197 million homes out of 298 million homes. With an average of 4–5 members per household, TV has a reach of 800 million to 1 Billion people. The reach of digital marketing is nowhere close to TV based on numbers alone.

  • Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English-speaking population in India with a reach of approx 100 million users.
  • Radio has a reach of approx 65% of the Indian population.
  • Newspapers have a reach of 465 million people.

Based on these facts we can clearly understand that those are the tools of marketing and which are going to use is based on the marketer and his marketing knowledge.


That is why a founder should be a marketer. No one can know the product better than the founder.

He can guide the marketing team and else is done by the team.


Importance of communication:

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Since we get to know that those are the tools of marketing, now communication is going to make a crucial role in marketing. How and what to communicate is the most important. Communication doesn’t mean heavy English vocabulary and all that stuff. Not at all. One thing that is the most popular in the marketing world is “KEEP IT SIMPLE”. Your message should be the heart of the campaign, not the words. And best marketing is done by simple oneliner that says about the brand in very few words at the same time explain the goal of the company too.


Some popular jingle of the Indian companies are:

  • “Pehle Istemal kre…. Fir viswas kre…”
  • “Sabki Pasand Nirma….”


If you are an Indian I don’t have to finish it that is come to your mind right. So this is one of the best examples of marketing that creates a good impression on people’s minds.


How to make it possible:

The answer is CATT Framework:




Content is everything. In other words, content is marketing. If we have no quality content to express all the strategy, platform, frameworks go in vain. All these things are just to support and promote the content. It will give the message to the customer about the company and its product. If we have no good quality content we can not able to get the attention of the customer.



We create the content to seek the attention of the customer. Now, this is where all the platforms, the strategy you know about marketing, and all your skills going to use for seeking constant attention of the customer to your content. It can be in a digital medium, Tv, Radio, Newspaper.



From that constant attention of the customer to the product’s content slowly, trust is built. And after some time that person becomes a lifetime loyal customer. Personal branding helps a lot to build that trust. And people trust another person easily than brands.



Now, this is the time that you can close the high ticket deals. You can sell anything you want from that trust but remember one thing if the product is having cheap quality then their trust broke and all the frameworks collapse. So as I said earlier Marketing can be used for building a strong brand if and only if the brand has that potential.

And from these basic principles, anyone can make a great strategy or marketing framework that will stay last long in a market. In a last, we can conclude that marketing is:

“Making a good impression of the product that remains last long on customer’s minds that SALES happens superfluous is MARKETING”


Do you agree now?


Please let me know what do you think about marketing?